Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where is Bob?

Plant With Purpose Technical Director Bob Morikawa arrived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (DR) on Sunday and drove to the border between the DR and Haiti on Monday. Once there, he crossed the border without any difficulty and met Guy Paraison, PWP Haiti Program Director. They ventured to a village called Tewouj. That night, Bob along with 200 other people camped out in a soccer field from fear of another tremor. Sure enough, there was another earthquake that night measuring at 4.9. We have been communicating with Bob as often as we can via his satellite phone and Skype. Bob says the biggest hindrance to Tewouj right now is getting the road open. He says that the cabbage and avocado crops are ripe and ready to be transported out, but since there is no road this isn't possible. They are hoping to get a tractor in the next day or two to help rebuild the road. Our 40 staff and technicians continue to assess the death toll and the influx of people from Port au Prince into the rural areas. We are anticipating the need to provide food aid very soon. You can follow all of Bob's updates on his blog:

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