Saturday, January 23, 2010


We have been meeting nightly with Guy Paraison, our Haiti director, coordinating our next steps and preparing for Bob's arrival in Port au Prince. Here are some of the key developments from last nights meeting:
1. Guy put together a team of about 150 people to make rudimentary repairs on the road between St. Etienne and Trouin. Yesterday, following repairs, two private vehicles were able to make the trip, reconnecting Trouin, Cherident and all the surrounding towns with the outside world again for the first time after the quake. More repairs will be made today so that larger vehicles may pass. We are very excited by this progress.
2. The previous night our meeting was cut short by an aftershock. Guy was forced to leave the office suddenly, but when it stopped he ran back in to retrieve his computer and spent the rest of the night outdoors. He was able to type a last skype message to us to indicate there was a tremor and he was going offline.
3. Floresta Haiti, like most people is having problems securing cash.  Banks are open, but will only allow account holders to withdraw $2500 or write a cheque for $2500 US. 
4. Guy met with the magistrate and other leaders of Leogane yesterday--they are interested in collaboration--in particular they need medicines--in the midterm they will need tents or other shelter for the upcoming rainy season.
5. Our staff: staff are also having trouble finding food and Guy would like to try to get a salary advance to them--but they are ready to help with the recovery plan
6. Bob will arrive in Santo Domingo tomorrow and in Haiti on Monday.

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