Sunday, January 17, 2010

News from Haiti

The following is the summary of a conversation we had with our director in Haiti Guy Paraison, via skype yesterday:
-Guy's wife Mika, and son Guy-Mike are ok
-All staff are ok so far--as you know Serge lost his wife and child--Jean Robert and Kenold had their homes in Leogane destroyed
-Two nights ago Guy slept in the truck outside his house for fear of tremours, and there was one in the middle of the night--his house appears to be ok
-It is possible to get by road to St Etienne, but the road from there to Gran Colline will be difficult
-The road to Jacmel is impassible, but Guy thinks Jacmel will get reconstruction attention soon because it is a priority for the govt
-The ports in Saint Mark and Cap Haitian are open and are probably better because they are less busy if we are considering aid shipments (at least at the moment)
-Guy thinks in terms of emergency aid the areas we should focus on are Leogane, Grand Goave, and Petit Goave, which are receivng no attention as the focus is still on Pot au Prince
-Guy is going to try and meet with staff this week to discuss our aid strategy

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