Wednesday, January 13, 2010

News from the Field

We just received an email from Guy, our Haitian Director. He wrote:
"Thank you for your solidarity. The staff is ok. Only I have not heard about Fonds Verrettes. The earthquake impacted severely Port-au-Prince and surroundings. In Grande Colline, it seems, the Episcopalian school, the church and the guest house are severly damaged. The office is safe. Dezo (co-director) and I are actually safe in Acul du Nord. In this moment, we need your prayers for the staff and Haiti. There is high psychological impact as we feel powerless to assist those who have lost homes and family." Guy
We are grateful to hear that our staff is okay at this moment. We work in three different regions in Haiti--Grand Colline, Acul du Nord, and Fonds Verrettes. We will let you know as soon as we hear from our partners in Fonds Verrettes. Please check back for further updates and thank you again for your prayers and concern.
Here is a map of Haiti. The red balloon represents the quake

and the big bulk of yellow balloons represent the area where we work in

Grand Colline.

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