Thursday, January 14, 2010

Some good news from Grand Colline!

We just received an email from some friends in the Grand Colline region in Haiti. Fortunately, Ancy, a brother to two of our Haitian field staff, is reported to be alive and well, as well as Pere Desire, a priest in the region. However, Ancy confirms the devastation suffered in the Grand Colline area.
"With much joy and relief, we received a call from Ancy Fils Amie this morning. He reports that his family is all safe "by the grace of God." He has talked with Pere Desire, priest in charge of St. Matthias Parish and he is doing fine. He suffered a slight injury to his leg, but will be okay. We still have no word from Pere Vil. Ancy reconfirmed that the school at Grand Colline, St. Matthias is demolished, as well as the church and the guest house. He will get together more information for us and email us as soon as possible. Ancy thanked everyone for their prayers and asked that we all continue to pray for his family and all of the people in Haiti."
We are so grateful to hear that Pere Desire, Ancy and his two brothers, Dybson, a Plant With Purpose field staff in Bainet, and Cantave, our project manager in Acul du Nord, are safe and accounted for.

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