Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pray for Haiti

Haiti experienced a major Earthquake just about one hour ago and we are reaching out to our network of supporters and asking for your prayers. The earthquake's epicenter struck about 10 miles southwest of the capital, Port-au-Prince. It registered at a 7.0 and has already caused major structural damage in the surrounding area. Pray for the Haitian people who have lost their homes, are seeking their loved ones, and are fearing the effects of a possible Tsunami.

We have been attempting to reach our Haitian staff by cell phone, most of whom are located 40 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince, and have not been able to connect yet. Please continue to pray and check back for updates on the situation in Haiti and on the Plant With Purpose staff in the surrounding areas. We have a praise that we received an email from a staff member in the Dominican Republic who said that they are fine there.

Please pray specifically for our in-country staff: that their families would be protected and that they would have the ability to reach out in their communities to provide the necessary relief and shelter to their neighbors.

First rank from left to right:

Jean Claude Lefevre, Promoter Grande Colline

Joseph Chariston Bijou, Promoter Grande Colline

Fritz Serge Jean, Agriculture technician Savane Bombe

Guy Paraison, Director

Herlens Etienne, Driver

Second rank from left to right :

Jean Dybson Fils-Aime, Promoter Bainet

Joseph Lissabien Mingot, Veterinary agent

Henri Adrien, Agronomist Savane Bombe

Dorline Galbeau, Secretary Grande Colline

Jean Erick Forvil, Extension agent Grande Colline

Ketty Alexandre, Agriculture technician Fonds Verrettes

Extra Denis, Extension agent Grande Colline

Jean Kenold Augustin, Agriculture technician Grande Colline

Third rank from left to right:

Claude Smith Antoine, Agriculture technician Savane Bombe

Jean Robert Midi, Promoter Grande Colline

Roger Louis, Promoter Grande Colline

Eddy Dorlema, Agronomist Grande Colline

Jean Marie Desilus, Agronomist Grande Colline

Jean Delcius Cantave, Extension agent Grande Colline

Daniel Plaisival, Director of Economic Development Grande Colline

Fourth rank from left to right:

Jean Catule Augustin, Promoter Grande Colline

Lissage Romulus, Administrator Grande Colline

Jean Bernard Denis, Agriculture technician Fonds Verrettes

Thank you all for your prayers.

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