Friday, January 29, 2010

Plant With Purpose Haiti Relief Efforts

Plant With Purpose is in a strategic position to utilize our experience, resources, and 42 national staff members to bring relief to rural Haitians. So what, exactly, are we doing?

Our Haitian staff is currently collecting data from our partner communities on fatalities, household damage, and migration from urban areas. They’ve also been making vital connections with community and religious leaders in some of the bigger cities in order to coordinate relief efforts, minimize duplication, and maximize the number of people we can help and lives we can save.

Distribution of food to areas outside Port au Prince is still insufficient, as heartbreaking news stories of food riots and starving children has made shockingly clear. Plant With Purpose is preparing to access food aid from various sources as it becomes available to distribute to households in need as soon as possible. Most of the aid efforts are centralized in Port au Prince as of now, so Plant With Purpose plans to extend food distribution to more remote areas, particularly those where we have established relationships.

Based on preliminary estimates, Plant With Purpose plans to provide the immediate food needs for 2,800 households for a period of four weeks in four target areas. For just $106, we can feed a family of six for four weeks.

One of the biggest challenges to food distribution is the lack of access to rural communities due to severe damage to major roads. Plant With Purpose has already organized 150 community members to manually repair major sections of the road that serves as the only access route to our main project area. Despite the progress, the road is still inaccessible to large commercial vehicles, preventing local products from getting to the urban centers (and hungry people) and hindering relief efforts.

Plant With Purpose will rent heavy road building equipment to clear the worst sections of the road and allow large vehicle access. This will allow farmers to transport their crops to Port au Prince as well as provide Plant With Purpose the means to reach desperate families in the remote areas with food aid.

By opening roads that will reach remote villages and providing food to families who have lost homes, income sources, and loved ones, Plant With Purpose will alleviate suffering, save lives, and assist Haiti on its long road to recovery.

To help Plant With Purpose feed a family of six for four weeks for just $106 or contribute to our overall relief efforts click here.

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