Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Skype Conference Call with Guy

Jan 18 2010, 4:30 PST
Communication lines are improving with our staff in Haiti. Late yesterday Scott Sabin, our Executive Director, was able to have a skype conversation with both Guy (Haiti Program Director) and Bob (Plant With Purpose's Technical Director). Their conversation took place in a mix of English and French Creole, and was focused on next steps for Plant With Purpose's staff as resources are spread very thin. A summary of their conversation is below.
-Guy and staff will be contacting government and community leaders in the community of Leogane to assess the situation, determine the needs, coordinate efforts, and contact other NGO's (Leogane is located west of Port au Prince and can be seen below, it is feared that cities and rural areas outside of Port au Prince will not receive necessary relief aid because of limitations on transportation, roads, and supplies)
-World Vision will be forwarding contact information so that Guy can contact World Vision Haiti to see about coordinating relief efforts
-Some people are returning to the rural areas, but others are remaining in the urban areas in hopes of getting aid
-We have 2 working vehicles and 5 motorcycles available, but fuel is in short supply--we hope this is something World Vision can help us with
-the banks should open on Thur Jan 21, so Floresta Haiti (Plant With Purpose) should have access to cash then
-Guy will be using the mobile modem, so we should have internet access in Gran Colline
-the office is standing but there is some damage--an assessment needs to be made
-the road from St Etienne to Gran colline is in bad shape, Guy and Herlenns will be driving up from the town of Gran Goave, through Duni to Trouin, and then walking or taking motorcycle to Trouin
-In our discussions with World Vision we need to be aware of our strengths and our needs:
-strengths: local contacts in Leogane, staff, vehicles, funding
-needs: technical guidance, fuel, supplies
-Guy will be in Fondwa Tues to visit family, and in Gran Colline on Wed (si Dye vle)
-we will try to skype with Guy between 5-6pm on Tues Jan 19

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