Saturday, January 16, 2010

News from our director Guy in Haiti

We have received an email from our program director in Haiti. Below is Guy's account of some of the disaster that has occurred in Port au Prince and surrounding areas. Our prayers go out again and again to the staff, families and communities who have been devastated by the earthquakes. We will continue to let you know how you can help as more opportunities will arise when we learn more from the field. For now remember you can support our local in country staff as they bring leadership to their surrounding communities or you can contribute to the recovery process which is going to start taking place soon and for months and years to come. Donate on the Plant With Purpose webpage here I was in the North, I did not really have a real idea of the extent of damage in the west of Haiti. I must say my brother, it is an unqualified disaster. I have never seen and imagined such a thing in Haiti. The city of Port-au-Prince is 70% destroyed. Those of Leogane, Grand Goave, Petit GoĆ¢ve over 80% according to experts. Excuse me for not being able to react before the communication via internet and telephone is almost impossible now in Haiti. In Christ. Guy Parison Floresta Ayit

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