Monday, October 26, 2009

The Justice Project

by Kate McElhinney Looking for a meaningful book to read? The Justice Project explores how Christians can respond to the call for justice and change in the world. This recently released book contains a collaboration of ideas from contemporary authors including Brian McLaren, Lynne Hybels, Bart Campolo and Rene Padilla who are dedicated to solving social justice issues. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of justice such as extreme poverty, racism and human rights. We are excited to announce that Plant With Purpose Tanzania Program Officer Sarah Ferry is included in this project. In chapter 26 titled "Just Countryside", Sarah explains how justice from the roots up can affect life in rural areas. Focusing on Plant With Purpose's work in the Dominican Republic, specifically in the village of Zumbador, Sarah highlights how farmers who live in extreme poverty and depend on the land for survival are forced to work on the least desirable plots - steep and treacherous hillsides. Desperation forces them to cut down precious trees to burn and sell for charcoal, which depletes nutrients from the earth, drys out the land, and makes the soil vulnerable to erosion. This causes poverty to spread even more as farmers suffer from the degraded environment. Sarah points out how this cycle, left unchecked, has created some of the most extreme poverty in the world. Haiti is one such example where deforestation has left people unable to farm, utterly broke and starving, with some people so desperate they literally eat dirt just to curb their hunger. Sarah writes, "This image of God's children eating the dust of the earth is a powerful icon of injustice. This is the ultimate sign that humankind and the environment have disengaged from the relationship for which we were intended." To read more, you can purchase a copy on (Helpful hint: If you purchase this book through the Floresta website, a percentage of the sales will go toward helping Plant With Purpose to combat injustices throughout the world.) Happy reading! PS You can become a fan of the Justice Project on facebook by clicking here.

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