Thursday, October 1, 2009

It’s already been a month!

by Mackenzie Miller

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I flipped open my planner and October stared back at me. Time sure does have a way of creeping up on you. It seems like just yesterday I was laying out on the beach on a beautiful, sunny day…

…oh wait. This is San Diego. That WAS yesterday. Is that why it’s so hard for me to grasp the idea that a new month has arrived? Or is my October denial due to the fact that I am desperately trying to hang on to my senior year of college? I can’t stand how fast the time is slipping by…

The transition into this new month, however, marks something much more significant than the end of beach season, or my rapidly approaching admission into the “real world.” October 1st is my one-month anniversary at Plant With Purpose!

The past month has been one of learning and opportunity for me. Not only have I been given the chance to gain real-world work experience (once again, preparing me for that inevitable jump into a land of full responsibility) but also, my eyes have truly been opened. How little effort it takes to reach out and touch other peoples’ lives!

I’m so thankful to be part of such a great company. I’m looking forward to my next few months here, and helping with more fun and exciting things we have coming up – like the Planting Hope Gala!

Now, its time to get back to the beach. Gotta enjoy the sun before its November, right?

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