Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Imagination in Focus

By Rhodes Garrison, Plant With Purpose Intern

This weekend was interesting. Many of my family members and friends were out of town for some reason. Maybe it had something to do with the moon or moving in to Scorpio season. Who knows! Nevertheless, my many unaccompanied experiences had no negative effect on me. I got to spend some quality time alone reading Hemingway, watching football, not talking a whole lot (mainly to myself), and imagining.

I did get the chance to take part in the fun and games at a pumpkin patch with my sister and two dear nephews on Saturday afternoon…the only ones in town! I figured it was a good way to break from Hemingway’s depressing rhetoric, the ten spectacular channels of college football, and even the delicate sounds of October winds. Fortunately, I could continue imagining in a festivity full of imaginary kids.

My oldest nephew Garrison and I rode down the “scary” slide, circled the merry-go-round on a tiny wooden bench that I was way too big for, and shot ping pong balls purposely aimed for glass bowls in a tub full of water. Honestly, to see him shoot caring least of the result and shining with a bright smile on his face was amazing. We later took a walk and said “hello” to the many slides where limitless and rambunctious kids slid down. Considering Garrison is two and loves slides, I felt it was perfectly acceptable and fair to ask the slides how they were doing. To be a participant of Garrison’s imagination is something I would never trade.

I got the chance to break from Garrison when he decided to get inside the jump zone with beach balls. Lets just say when you combine a jump zone, beach balls, and a two-year-old, energy and time are boundless. By my sister’s request, I proceeded to take my eight-month old nephew Leeland to the displayed rows of pumpkins and do some eight-month old exploring. This consisted of sitting in one spot, eating a lot of hay, and drumming while also drooling on the one pumpkin we decided to inspect. Leeland is at the point in life where his curiosity is fresh, completely unhidden, untroubled, and carefree. He is in the midst of building his own personal imagination, where his actions are priceless, beautiful, and unique to witness. To be a participant of Leeland’s imagination is something I would never trade. The fact that both Garrison and Leeland continue to provide me with these moments is simply incredible.

This got me thinking about the roles we play with Plant With Purpose. Limitations are only existent in our minds. We need continue to use our imaginations and think of things we believe will make this world a better place. If followed, our possibilities become limitless. Don’t let age fool you. The sky is the limit everyone. Imagination can rule the world and sometimes what we cannot see is infinitely more important than what we can see. Humanity deserves to continue further and grow. Just as I did with Garrison and Leeland, embrace your imagination, share it with others, and believe.

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