Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Love With All Your Art

by Corbyn Small

REVO, a movement that has spread across the globe, has come to California by storm. An open platform source for people to change the way communities love, REVO is not just a word, it is a fluid and dynamic organism with optimistic visionaries at its helm. Last Sunday night, REVO LA gathered dozens of artists, musicians, photographers, businesses, and hundreds of attendees to support a foundation focused on education in West Papua. REVO LA asked its community to ‘love with all their art,’ and that is exactly what they did. The event raised thousands of dollars by bringing people from all over the country to show their love for those they have never met--and probably never will. Artists donated a percentage of their sales and over 500 guests gave towards the Sekola Dasar Balem Wamena Foundation in West Papua.

Be on the lookout because, at any given time, right in your own city, you could see REVO. All it

takes is one passionate individual, with a creative mind and a heart desiring to spread some love, for a REVO (fill in your city) to be born.

Rumor has it there is already a REVO SD coming right here to the home of Plant With Purpose.

REVO LA commercial REVO LA on facebook

Start your own REVO


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