Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Knocking Socks Off and Transforming Lives

by Aly Lewis

The verdict is in: my socks were knocked off. By Plant With Purpose’s 2009 Planting Hope Gala last Saturday, that is. It was a delightful evening of high energy Plant With Purpose supporting, socializing, and celebrating.

Here are the top 3 reasons my socks really were knocked off:

1. I didn’t trip in my heels all night, as I gallivanted around catching up with old friends, classmates, and coworkers, sneaking Hershey’s kisses off the silent auction tables, and sharing my Plant With Purpose savvy with anyone who would listen.

2. Journey to Africa By far one of the most meaningful parts of the evening was getting to meet Edith Banzi. Edith is our local director in Tanzania and we had the honor of hearing her talk about the amazing work and progress that is taking place in our program there. Mama Floresta, as she’s know throughout the communities, shared about the latest projects—double dug gardens, wood saving stoves, and Village Community Banks—talked about the transformation she’s seen in the lives of the farmers she works with—improved incomes, increased confidence, and hope for the future—and gave us a little taste of the excitement, dedication, and compassion she shares with farmers and families in her part of the world. It’s a privilege to join with partners like Edith in this transformational work.

3. Rolling in the Benjamins I’m not going to spill the financial beans or steal Kate’s Gala recapping thunder, but I will say that this year’s gala was our most successful gala in Plant With Purpose history! The big bucks aside, the fact that over 300 people chose to spend their Saturday evening learning about, celebrating, and supporting Plant With Purpose is a huge encouragement to me. Seriously. I’ll stop here before the Aly Lewis Cry Fest has a chance to begin.

Anyways, check out these fun pics from the evening and stay tuned for Kate’s Official Gala Recap to be posted tomorrow.

*PS If anyone has found my knocked-off-socks please return them to the Plant With Purpose office at your convenience. My sockless feet are not liking the cold fall nights.

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