Friday, October 30, 2009

Don’t Waste Pumpkin Guts

by Mackenzie Miller

I’ve decided that carving pumpkins is the PERFECT first date. And not because I am some artistic protégé, and want to show off my skills– frankly, I’m more Picasso than Van Gogh when it comes to pumpkins. (and most activities that require sharp motor skills and a creative eye, for that matter.) No, it’s definitely not the process of CARVING that’s so special, but the experience as a whole; especially the pre and post carve.

It starts off at the pumpkin patch. Some major flirtation and getting-to-know one another can happen in this romantically rustic setting. But more importantly, the selection process will definitely tell you how much appearances matter to your suitor. Does he spend hours searching for the “perfect” pumpkin, all round and huge? Or does he search for that slightly leaning one, the one with all that character? Is he particular at ALL about making his selection? Finding the best pumpkin for you is an expression of personal opinion and preference, let me tell you! After the pumpkins are chosen and all the adorable pictures among bails of hay are taken, (that hopefully will be in a scrapbook titled “first date!” years down the road…) the excitement wears off. But fear not, for this is NOT a lull in the date! The carving is about to begin.

Ahhh pumpkin guts. Scooping and carving is an awkwardly messy and fun way to ease those first date jitters. Kit, or free-hand? Traditional, or eclectic? A person’s design choice can give great insight to their character, if you think about it. At least I’d like to think that my jaggedly juvenile yet original designs say a lot about me! (Not artistic. “A” for effort. But cool. Willing to take risks and laugh at herself.) But what says even MORE about a person is what they do with the guts AFTER the pumpkin is scooped and carved.

Let's think about resourcefulness, and sustainability. Does he go straight to the trashcan with his pumpkin guts, or does he save them? I, for one, could never date a guy who wastes such a delicious resource. Not when roasted pumpkin seeds are so easy to make, and such a great snack for fall! And pumpkin bread? Pumpkin pie? Okay, a little harder to make – but, once again, my theory of first-date-ability is proved, because you will find out right away if your date is a good cook!

I mean, clearly, there are no better qualities in a mate than being environmentally conscious and having Top Chef skills in the kitchen, are there?

Happy carving, happy dating, and happy Halloween! And please, remember this important message from Plant With Purpose: Don’t Waste Pumpkin Guts!

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