Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oaxaca Wednesday

by Aly Lewis

Buenos dias! Last week I had the privilege of visiting Plant With Purpose’s program in Oaxaca, Mexico. Pretending to be a weathered journalist like Nicolas Kristof, I spent the week asking the tough questions (only tough because my Spanish is a little rusty), scribbling down copious notes and anecdotes, and getting to know our partners in the field, the families we work with, and other friends and supporters of Plant With Purpose.

It’s a strange paradox that visiting our programs always makes me feel less qualified to write about the people we work with. The more I learn and see and know, the more I know I don’t know—about agriculture, the Mixtec people, and even our in-country staff. It’s humbling to know I don’t have the whole picture or the whole story, but it’s also been incredibly exciting to be able to experience part of the story. And encouraging to know I can share these juicy tidbits and morsels—like the fact that our partner organization’s Fundraising Assistant, Noemi, plays the electric guitar, it takes women two days to make their remarkable pine needle baskets, and the price of beans has risen from 10 to 25 pesos per kilo due a devastating drought—with those who aren’t able to visit the field. In honor of the wealth of stories and information I collected, I am dedicating one blog post a week (from now to eternity) to highlight our transformational work in the rural hills of Oaxaca. Welcome to Oaxaca Wednesday!

I’d also like to share some amazing images taken by new friend, Ruby Coria, on our trip. Enjoy!

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