Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Renewal Day of Prayer

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Today is Renewal’s second annual Day of Prayer for God’s creation. At this very moment, colleges, churches and communities across North America are standing together to pray for the renewal of God’s creation.

The student lead organization “Renewal” is calling on Christians to pray for energy stewardship and climate change. Renewal believes this expression of unity in prayer is vital during an age wherein our careless and irresponsible stewardship of energy resources has led to severe harm such as: air and water pollution, climate change, mountaintop removal, environmental injustice, and violence and economic instability.

As Christians, we’re called to be “the light of the world,” and to demonstrate Christ’s vision of hope. In this time of darkness, we are called to pray for guidance, present solutions, and reach out to our neighbors who have been harmed by poor energy stewardship and climate change.

Overconsumption of our energy resources has led to great harm, but with God’s help we can make needed changes and offer practical solutions that offer hope to the people and places affected. Today is an opportunity to shine a new kind of light, and demonstrate Christ’s hope for the world in this important area.

The students of Renewal are inviting all Christians to fast from one source of energy use for the day. Examples include: not driving for the day, shutting off lights, fasting from cell phones, television, computers, or other sources of electricity, eating vegetarian for the day, etc.

Tonight, Christian students on campuses across North America will demonstrate their unity and solidarity by turning off the lights for one hour, and hosting prayer vigils for a time of prayer for the people, places, and wildlife that are harmed through poor stewardship of energy resources.

Renewal is inviting all Christians to participate in this day of prayer and fasting. We encourage you to join in!

About Renewal

Renewal is a group of college students who seek practical ways to care for the earth so that all God's creatures, as well as future generations, can have a healthy environment in which to live. They believe that prayer is an important practice for all of us as we seek to reclaim and renew our Biblical calling to care for God’s creation. Once a year, in the fall, Renewal calls on Christians to participate in a day of prayer to seek forgiveness, wisdom, and leadership in caring for the whole of God’s creation. Renewal issues this call every year as an open invitation to all Christians.

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For more information or to send a prayer request or photo of your event, please email:

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