Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is There Hope for Haiti?

by Kate McElhinney

As the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti’s troubles are no secret. Daily headlines such as, “Haitian Migrant Shipwreck Kills 15, Dozens Missing” describe the plight of this impoverished country. Sadly, this is not new news, but astonishing news nonetheless. Out of sheer desperation, these Haitians risk their lives by packing into tiny 60 foot boats, sometimes carrying as many as 120 people, hoping to escape poverty and find work in the Bahamas or Florida.

Plant With Purpose works with rural farmers in Haiti to reverse this desperate cycle. We walk with the poor, teaching them sustainable living techniques. We plant trees to restore the land, we help enhance community development, and we provide micro-credit loans. Soon families are able to make a decent living at home, and the need to flee becomes obsolete.

By partnering with Plant With Purpose, you will become part of an effort to reverse deforestation and restore lives. Your support goes toward teaching farmers sustainable agro-forestry techniques, which allow people to become empowered as they replenish the land and ultimately are able to care for their families.

In the future, hopefully, Haitians will not need to flee their country because they will be flourishing in the new life they have created for themselves. Because of the efforts of organizations like Plant With Purpose, there is hope for Haiti.

To find out how you can help a community in Haiti, visit

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