Monday, July 13, 2009

Village of the Week: Help us reach our goal of 100% funding for La Muralla, Mexico

One of the coolest parts about partnering with Plant With Purpose is that you can sponsor and get to know a specific village where we are working. If you sign up to sponsor a village, you'll receive pictures, updates, and testimonies from community members whose lives are being transformed by Plant With Purpose's programs. Right now we have nearly 20 villages in 6 different countries to choose from. Of course our goal is to have all of our villages fully sponsored so that we may expand our work and increase our impact. So for the next month we'll be highlighting one village per week on our blog. The first Village of the Week is...dun, da, da,da... La Muralla, Mexico.
Children of La Muralla work together to plant seedlings.
La Muralla is a community rich in history and boasting pre-Colombian ruins. Perched on the very steep, deforested hillsides in the mountains of the Mixteca Alta, environmental degradation threatens the Mixtec people's way of life and very survival. Water only flows to community members' homes four months a year; the rest of the year they carry water home from the nearest spring with burros. Many live as much as a two hour walk from the village center. The people grow their corn and beans only for home consumption, and traditionally the only income has come from selling charcoal and firewood for use in the city, putting extreme pressure on the surrounding forests and depleting soil for generations to come. By supporting Plant With Purpose's work in La Muralla, you will help farmers diversify and improve their incomes while preserving and protecting the land they have lived on for hundreds of years. Your contribution will go toward Plant With Purpose's empowering community projects. For example, the construction of greenhouses will allow farmers to produce tomatoes and other nutritious fruits year round. They can in turn sell the excess fruits to supplement their income and even send their children to school. Join with Plant With Purpose and the people of La Muralla as we work together to protect the land and improve their lives.

By sponsoring a village, you will make a significant difference in the lives of the rural poor by helping to improve and support their communities. You can make a one time donation of $30, or we encourage you to consider a recurring donation of $30 per month for one year. Every recurring donation will be matched for the first year, therefore this is an easy way to double your donation to be $60 per month and make an even bigger impact!

We're almost there! La Muralla is currently 75% funded; click here to help us reach our goal of 100% funding for La Muralla by the end of the week. We only need 5 more sponsors at $30 per month to meet our goal! Together we can make a big difference in the lives of the rural poor in La Muralla, Mexico.

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