Friday, July 10, 2009

Introducing the Latest Addition to Grow a Village: Panasawan

by Kate McElhinney Did you know that every reoccurring donation toward one of Plant With Purpose's programs will be matched? So, if you sponsor a village for $30 per month, that amount is instantly doubled to be $60 per month for an entire year! The village of Panasawan in Northern Thailand is the newest member of our Grow a Village family. This community is rich in vibrant colors and culture, yet it is plagued with extreme poverty, environmental destruction, and the despair of a displaced and disregarded people. Most of the villagers belong to the Lahu hill tribe. Many older members do not even speak Thai, while the younger generation is forced to seek work in neighboring cities just to keep the family afloat. Plant With Purpose’s innovative, integrated program in Panasawan provides the community with relevant and sustainable options that address issues of poverty, lack of citizenship and related rights, and the loss of access to and degradation of forests and fields. By sponsoring this village, you will empower the people of Panasawan to transform their lives and lands, restore their dignity, and learn to thrive. To learn more about Panasawan or to sponsor this village, click here.


  1. nice! is there an option to donate less than 30 a month, and still have it matched, or is 30 the minimum?

  2. Hi Kristine,

    Great question! As of now, $30 per month is the minimum amount to sponsor a village. However, any donation you make that is recurring will be matched. For example, if you choose to donate $10 per month toward planting orchards, that amount will be matched so it will be $20 per month. Hope this helps! Thanks for your support.


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