Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Local Bounty

by Aly Lewis

Apart from my business casual attire and lack of a wide-brimmed straw hat, I felt like a legitimate gardener this morning. After months of (not so) diligent watering and much anticipation, my Earthbox tomato plant—formerly known as the Tomato Terror—is finally producing! This morning I plucked three plump and delicious cherry tomatoes from the sprawling vine. I also counted 30 plus almost-ripe baby green tomato balls ripening steadily on the vine. Salsa fresca anyone?

In other news from the locally grown front, my roomies and I have invested in a CSA box, which allows us to receive an array of organic, locally grown produce from Be Wise Ranch every other week. Since our landlord will only allow us to plant an herb garden in our front yard and a girl can’t live on cilantro alone, we’ve opted to capitalize on our local farming community for our fruit and veggie needs. According to the Be Wise website, “A CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, brings the consumer and the farmer together - enhancing ecological diversity, facilitating the recycling of important nutrients and waste products, and maximizing the self-sufficiency of family farms.

Basically we get really fresh, organically and locally grown produce to fill our skillets, salad mixers, and bellies, and local farmers get a steady supply of repeat local customers. Win, win, right? So far we’ve enjoyed a smattering of summer favorites from grapes and cherries to a delightful mix of spring greens perfect for salads. Next week’s box might even bring the much-coveted avocado. 

To find a CSA that fits your produce needs click here. Support locally grown agriculture and bring on the veggies!

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