Monday, July 6, 2009

New Villages on Plant With Purpose

by Aly Lewis

Our Grow A Village is growing! Two new villages are now up on the Plant With Purpose Web Site: Malindi, Tanzania and Muzye, Burundi.  

Do you know what ‘Dushirehamwe’ means in Kirundi?  Have you ever heard of the Shengena Forest?  Now you can improve your language skills and international landmark dexterity by reading about our new villages on our Africa page.  Just click the Donate button next to the name of the village to view a detailed description, complete with fun facts and maybe even a language lesson.  Additionally, see how you can partner with these villages to restore their land, provide for their families, and transform their lives. 

And for those interested in Thailand, stay tuned, we'll be posting some new Thai villages to the site today.    

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