Friday, March 5, 2010

Plant With Purpose Program Officer Travels to Haiti

Plant With Purpose Program Officer Milmer Martinez arrived in Haiti this week. Along with our local Haitian staff, Milmer will be overseeing a "Cash for Work" project focused on soil conservation and reforestation. This project will benefit rural farmers by providing them with much needed cash, plus the soil conservation barriers will be a critical barrier against mudslides and crop destruction during the impending rainy season.

Here are some quick updates from Milmer:

-Over 104.38 tons of rice have been distributed and 15,677 liters of cooking oil. Most of the efforts are now concentrated in Fonds Verrettes and Acul du Nord where we have less communities. We are gradually transitioning to the distribution of seeds and Cash for Soil conservation programs.

-We officially started the Cash For Work in Grande Colline with 3 teams of 20 people.

-We started the soil conservation program in Fonds Verrettes with 7 teams of 20 people with its respective team leader.

Below are some pictures from our seed distribution sessions at our Haiti office, as well as from our Cash for Soil conservation project in Martel.

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