Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Providing Short-term Relief Options with Lasting Benefits

It’s almost been a month since a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, destroying buildings, killing thousands, and injuring and displacing even more. Our staff in Haiti has been working diligently to coordinate a comprehensive relief and recovery plan that will help Haitians get back on their feet and give them hope for the future.

A rapid assessment of our project areas indicates that family size in rural areas is increasing by approximately 40%, an increase from 5 to 6 members before the quake to well over 8 members. Recognizing the pressure this puts on these communities, Plant With Purpose is providing critical food aid for 2,800 families and coordinating road-clearing projects to allow access to remote villages.

In addition to food aid and road clearing, Plant With Purpose is beginning an immediate short-term employment and crop seed distribution program. This will provide much needed short-term income to affected households by providing jobs, as well as boost seasonal crop yields by providing appropriate and timely crop inputs. At the same time, this project will help farmers protect the already degraded soil and tree cover resources. This current planting season, which takes place from February to April, will be critical to re-establishing food supply to urban areas, as well as generating income for the rural areas and contributing to the rebuilding of communities.

The project includes:

Reforestation: We will employ 2,500 farmers to plant 350,000 trees in deforested regions to provide short-term employment and restore the land.

Soil and Water Conservation: We will utilize short-term employment teams to establish soil protection barriers on 3,400 acres of land to conserve soil and improve crop yields.

Emergency Assistance with Crop Inputs: We will supply 2,500 farmers with quality seeds and tools in order to improve families’ crop yields and increase food security.

These activities will extend and facilitate Plant With Purpose’s ongoing work of development and sustainable agriculture in the region and help families recover from the devastating earthquake.

We invite you to partner with Plant With Purpose to provide rural Haitians short-term recovery options with long-term benefits.

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