Friday, February 12, 2010

Haiti Relief Progress Update

Plant With Purpose is making great progress in providing immediate aid to the people of Haiti. Thus far, we have distributed 16.245 tons of rice and 5,940 liters of cooking oil to 42 communities. The project has been successful in bringing much needed food to families, and we plan to continue and expand our food distribution to include the community of Fonds Verrettes.

Additionally, our seed distribution project is underway; staff members have identified local providers for both tools and seeds and have ordered 20,000 lbs of pois seeds and 1,000lbs of sorghum for farmers to plant in Grande Goave and Fonds Verrettes. This will enable farmers to grow food to feed their families in the next harvest.

We have also been gearing up to implement a short-term employment program through reforestation and soil conservation projects. We have identified 8,925 seedlings in our community nurseries and have purchased 100,000 more from the organization, Double Harvest. Farmers will be temporarily employed to plant trees on deforested hillsides, increasing their income in the short-term while making a lasting impact on their greatest asset—the land. Additionally, 13 microwatersheds have been identified for soil conservation efforts.

Thanks to everyone who has made this project possible by donating to Plant With Purpose’s relief and recovery efforts. Because of you, families will have food to eat, jobs to support themselves, and land that will produce abundant fruit. We are grateful to join with the people of Haiti as they seek to recover and rebuild. To donate to our efforts Click Here.

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