Monday, December 21, 2009

Village Spotlight: Huai Pong, Thailand

Located in the Chiang Dao district of the Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand, Huai Pong was the first village Plant With Purpose began working with in Thailand. With a population of 329, Huai Pong is home to the Palaung and the Lahu, both marginalized hill tribes displaced by civil strife and uprooted by forestry authorities. Because district forestry authorities have banned shifting cultivation, the farmers of Huai Pong have limited access to permanent, rain fed hill fields and few options to keep their families alive. Soil erosion, poor water quality and sanitation, complex citizenship and land rights issues, and little access to credit has entrapped the community of Huai Pong in a seemingly hopeless cycle of poverty and environmental degradation.

In partnership with a group called Upland Holistic Development Program (UHDP), this community is now being trained in sustainable agriculture techniques. The Palaung and Red Lahu people are learning about the dire consequences their previous farming methods have on the productivity of their land, and how to take better care of their environment. They are now reforming their farming techniques and employing sustainable farming methods, no longer leaving behind nutrient-depleted plots of land. Plant with Purpose has begun a fruitful relationship with Huai Pong and UHDP, helping promote sustainable agriculture, reforestation, improved water and sanitation, animal husbandry, and micro-finance in the area.

With your help and support, Plant With Purpose will be able to continue to assist farmers in establishing sustainable hill side farms and home gardens that will replenish the depleted land and provide much-needed sustenance to rural families. This holiday season, please consider sponsoring this village. Your contribution of $30 a month will make it possible for farmers to begin the journey of transformation through Plant With Purpose’s programs. Plus, every recurring donation is matched, so your contribution will be doubled to make an even bigger impact. Won’t you join us? Click here to make a tax deductible donation.

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