Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a 30,000 foot view

posted by Corbyn
Thanks to all our loyal blog followers for being a part of what we are doing here at Plant With Purpose! I wanted to share with you all a quick view from above of what Plant With Purpose does. This would be a great blog for you to share with your friends and family inviting them to get their daily dose of community development blogging.

Who we are: Plant With Purpose, a Christian non-profit organization, reverses deforestation and poverty in the world, by transforming the lives of the rural poor. We plant, we teach, we create enterprise, and we share the gospel.

Values/Principles of Practice:

Plant With Purpose is a Christian nonprofit organization. As such we:

· Put God first in everything we do.

· Engaged in society as a whole, dialoging and partnering with secular environmental organizations, development organizations, academia, governments, etc.

Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a holistic and intentional way, through our work.

Plant With Purpose reverses deforestation. Therefore, we:

Work with local farmers who struggle with environmentally destructive agricultural practices.

· Teach and model stewardship of God's creation.

· Work to restore the integrity of the land.

· Are on the cutting edge of agriculture/agroforestry/agroecology - continually looking for the best possible local models, seeking crop combinations that are biologically beneficial and experimenting, in collaboration with the farmers.

· Promote diversity among crops - so farmers are not vulnerable to the volatility of any one market, and are growing a combination of cash crops and food crops.

· Use native species wherever possible - we don't fully understand the consequences of exotic species, nor do we fully understand the benefits of native species.

· Make organic agriculture a priority.

· Work to make local agriculture sustainable.

Plant With Purpose reverses poverty. To accomplish this, we:

· Look for opportunities to work with poor farmers who have no access to credit.

· Empower local farmers to be change agents in their communities.

· Encourage the farmers’ participation in planning and developing specific programs that will meet their individual and community needs.

Plant With Purpose transforms lives. We:

· Address the needs of the whole person with a wholistic program that is theologically and economically sound, and environmentally appropriate.

Organizationally and Relationally, Plant With Purpose:

· Collaborates with other agencies.

· Actively promotes self-sufficiency of local partners.

· Actively supports the excellence of local partners.

· Works in full partnership with donors and beneficiaries.

· Is participatory in our decision making - encouraging and seeking participation by all: women and men, community members, donors and volunteers and ensuring that all are a part of the process.

· Values and develops people, realizing that our programs are only as good as our people.


Corbyn Small serves as Plant With Purpose’s Outreach Coordinator. He cultivates relationships with donors, churches, artists and musicians to generate interest and enthusiasm for Plant With Purpose’s life-changing programs.

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