Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Shop till you drop"?... but I don't want to drop.

Dave Bruno, an active and enthusiastic Plant With Purpose advocate, is running a photo contest through the month of November and $100 goes not only to the 1st place winner, but to Plant With Purpose as well! The contest will run till November 27th and the winners will be announced the first week of December. We'd love to see our Plant With Purpose bloggers participating in the contest!
We want to join Dave in his mission to challenge consumerism, especially during the holidays when American's spend 450 billion dollars every year on presents for friends, family, and co-workers. Think about how you can creatively challenge the norm through submitting some photos to the 100 Things Challange.
Here's the low down:

Challenging Stuff. Mass consumerism is a way of life. Photos should challenge assumptions about consumerism.


1st Prize: $100 plus a $100 donation to Plant With Purpose Trees Fund in winner's

name (Donation provided by PLNU's Center for Justice and Reconciliation)

2nd Prize: $25

3rd Prize: $15


  • Submit photos at www.facebook.com/100thingchallenge
  • Make photo's caption "challengestuffphoto09"
  • Limit of 3 submissions per entrant
  • No nudes
  • Must be able to demonstrate permissions/copyrights for photos
Images are examples of submissions at 100 Things Challenge
Brandon Ian Smith (boots)
Cory Verner (Gucci)

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