Friday, November 13, 2009

Mustache+November = “Movember”

by Mackenzie Miller
A strange wave of facial hair has taken over the University of San Diego Campus. What started as a little after-Halloween-fuzz has now escalated into a grizzly-like demeanor for any of my formerly clean-shaven male friends. What’s with the lack of personal hygiene, lately? A little thing called “Mustache-November,” or “Movember.”

This innovative opportunity is being presented to the entire USD community to rally for a cause and change the “face” of men's health. Benefiting The Prostate Cancer Foundation, Movember is a fun way to raise awareness for an incredible cause. During the month of November, all gentlemen involved refuse to shave their faces, in an active statement to fight against Prostate Cancer.

This is how it works. After finding the willing sponsor(s) of choice (ladies on campus, family, friends, local donors, etc.), $1 will be donated to The Prostate Cancer Foundation fund for every day the participants do not shave! Assuming the gentlemen involved last the full 25 days with either a full beard or mustache, a full $25 donation will be made on their behalf. They will also qualify as a member of the Communal "Shave Off" held on November 24th.

Yes. Communal SHAVE OFF!

So while I’m getting used to my friends sporting mustaches and beards, I’m reminded every time I look at them that my sponsorship is going to help save lives. Sometimes the whackiest, most innovative fundraisers make the biggest impact.

It got me thinking about innovative ways we could get the word out about PWP. But aside from living in trees (which I know many DO actively partake in to protest) I can’t think of anything as creative yet relevant as growing a beard to fight for a cause.

What about for Plant With Purpose's Outreach Coordinator? He's got the 'stache, he's on a Movember team raising money for prostate cancer.. what could he do to support Plant With Purpose as well? Any Ideas?

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  1. A few weeks ago CBS Sunday Morning news did a vignette on mustaches. Apparently, the favorability of 'staches in the U.S. is 73%! It's a fun (and informative) 5 minutes video to watch:


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