Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We've Got Fans, another way you can be a part of Plant With Purpose

by Corbyn Small
In a week and a half Plant With Purpose's fanpage on facebook has gone from under 150 members to almost 400! The Facebook fanpage is a quick and easy way to for us here at Plant With Purpose to share regular photos of the day, happenings in the field and office, upcoming events, and videos with our followers. 
We have talked a lot about the multiplier effect in recent blogs and seeing an increase in over 200 members in just a few days time shows that you can make a difference. It was only a  group of about 10-12 people who participated last week and invited their friends to check out the Plant With Purpose fan page and look at the results! Now 200 more people will have easy access to ways to be involved in the good that is being done in 225 communities around the world. 
In part with launching Plant With Purpose we have been working hard to make a grouping of social networks including another facebook cause page and we even have a twitter account with over 350 followers. It's quick, it's easy, and you can do it too! We'd love to keep you updated and informed and it is as easy as clicking 'become a fan' to the right of this blog post. If you want to take part in the multiplier effect then all you have to do is click here then 'suggest to friends', and your friends will get to join in as well. Thanks for being a part of spreading Plant With Purpose's message and truly being a part of an organization that is transforming lives.
Recent shots posted as photo of the day on the fanpage

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