Friday, September 4, 2009

Compassion is a "Full Time" Job

by Aly Lewis

Today’s blog post is going to be short and sweet. Time is money, right? Actually, in light of upcoming Labor Day (or more appropriately, A-Break-From-Labor Day), I want to share some thoughts with you from Henri Nouwen (okay, okay, I know I’m obsessed) on the importance of patience and slowing down.

According to Nouwen, patience is the keystone of a compassionate life. Practicing patience requires living in “full time” instead of the world’s busy, self-focused, time-is-money mentality. To live in this “full time” is “to enter actively into the thick of life and to fully bear the suffering within and around us.”

As we enter into a three-day weekend, I hope that we can view our downtime as a chance to embrace the grace and salvation offered to us in every moment. That in the midst of our busy lives we could open space for others and experience seemingly unproductive moments as full, meaningful opportunities to allow others to be realized, accepted, cared for, and loved.

Happy Break-From-Labor-Day!

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