Monday, September 28, 2009

Let the season begin!

by Corbyn Small
This weekend marked a significant date for myself as Plant With Purpose's Outreach Coordinator and our development team as a whole. We are moving into the holiday season soon and yesterday was the beginning of a flurry of Fairs and Alternative Gift Markets that will take place between now and the new year. Alternative Gift Markets are generally held at churches and homes with the purpose of providing either tangible fair trade products (scarves, baskets, coffee) or intangibles (planting a tree in someone's name) that raise money for a good cause. People can buy these items for presents instead of the traditional gift certificate or sweater.
I am sure I will post this video again later in the year when it is closer to Christmas, but I thought why not start thinking about it a few months out? The advent conspiracy is a movement that has expanded beyond what anyone would have imagined and this video provides inspiration and an invitation to look at holidays with a different mindset this year. Plant With Purpose is excited to participate in over 40 alternative gift markets and fairs through this season and invites you to actively be involved by contacting me at with fairs and AGM's that you would like to represent Plant With Purpose at this year. So check out this video and think about how you can help to bring Plant With Purpose into the lives of those in your church, small group, school, or work.
You can start now just by sharing our video with your social networks.. help people to see the connection between the environment and poverty! just post this link Thanks!

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