Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tanzania in 2008

by Corbyn Small Over the last year, Plant With Purpose witnessed significant growth an success in every aspect of the Tanzania program as small farmers worked together to transform their lives through Plant With Purpose's training, opportunities and encouragement. Most notably, the Village Community Banking (VICOBA) groups continue to grow and thrive. These groups bring communities together to raise capital for small loans to improve their farms and start small business initiatives. Women make up 80% of these community banking groups, and have reported an increase in self-esteem as they use their own profits to contribute to the household income, send their children to school and creatively implement business ventures.
Some stats from last year in Tanzania
-Plant With Purpose worked with community members to establish 30 tree nurseries for the purpose of growing new seedlings for reforestation and agroforestry efforts. By the end of the fiscal year, these nurseries housed a supply of 81,191 seedlings.
-125,891 trees were planted in reforestation efforts, bringing the program's 4-year lifetime total of trees planted to 273,405.
-Plant With Purpose worked with Tanzanian communities to operate t total of 23 VICOBA groups, which collectively distributed 530 loans in the total amount of $59,909. Group members contributed $59,422 of their own funds to use for these loans.
-532 fuel efficient stoves were provided to households for cooking and heating, reducing local wood consumption and improving respiratory health among community members.
-Plant With Purpose worked with farmers to construct living barriers and 363 soil contours, protecting hillsides from soil erosion.
-952 compost heaps were established, providing a safe, low-cost source of organic fertilizer for use on farms, tree nurseries, and gardens.
Thank you for your support of the Plant With Purpose programs, to learn more about Tanzania and the work being done there click here http://www.plantwithpurpose.org/

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