Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Plant With Purpose Vision Trips

by Corbyn Small

Each year Plant With Purpose staff leads a few trips to visit our partners in the field. The trips usually will include between 5-12 people who are interested in learning more about Plant With Purpose and seeing its programs firsthand. This creates advocates who become our best “story tellers” who can share their firsthand Plant With Purpose programs experience with their friends and family.

The trip that I wanted to highlight today is to Oaxaca, Mexico on October 21-26. This will be my first trip to visit the field and I could not be more excited. Oaxaca’s Vision Trip provides an incredible snapshot look at all of the Plant With Purpose programs as the group gets to visit about 6 of the 47 villages where we have partnerships with local leaders.

The trip starts in Oaxaca City, one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the new world. After the team orientation we will get to visit a few of the communities and see firsthand the challenges that farmers face and the dramatic progress they have made to better their lives. The trip is set up to take a linear progression from villages where Plant With Purpose has not been a part of the community for very long, to a village where our programs have been embraced and enacted for years.

The trip costs $600 dollars plus airfare and provides a rich time of fellowship and an in-depth

 learning experience of the social, economic, and environmental issues facing the rural poor in Oaxaca. To learn more about visiting Mexico, Tanzania, or the Dominican Republic email Doug Satre at Doug@PlantWithPurpose.org

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