Thursday, August 20, 2009

Caffeine Kick for Malindi

For all you java drinkers, there is a way to justify your habit. You can fuel your caffeine cravings and support a good cause at the same time by purchasing bags of coffee from “Friends of Malindi”.

“Friends of Malindi” is a recently launched website that sells 100% fresh roasted coffee from Tanzania to support Plant With Purpose’s work in the village of Malindi. The group was formed after Mark Portrait, a friend of Plant With Purpose and founder of the Snapshot Group, and his son Jake traveled to Tanzania with Plant With Purpose’s Director of Outreach and Development, Doug Satre. They visited the village of Malindi, which is located at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Despite the beauty of its setting, soil degradation and lack of water severely hinder village farming efforts in this area. The local income is about $320 per person, making Malindi one of the poorest areas of Tanzania.

During their trip, Mark developed a passion to help these people, and so he created “Friends of Malindi”. By visiting the “Friends of Malindi” website, ( you can buy coffee grown in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro and support this community.

The comprehensive website includes:

- Current information on Malindi, including Google Earth waypoints.

- A gallery of photos from Mark’s trip.

- Tips on ways you can support the effort.

- A blog to follow the most recent activities.

- An online store for purchasing Malindi Coffee.

- Links to the groups involved in supporting Malindi.

The Snapshot Group has teamed up with Oregon Mountain coffee to roast peaberry beans and make them available in 1lb., 2lb. and 5lb. bags. 100% of all profits are donated to Plant With Purpose for Malindi.

Plant With Purpose is working with the people of Malindi to preserve water resources and improve farm yields. As a result, family incomes are increasing, children are able to stay in school, and hope is returning to the community. Thanks to partners like "Friends of Malindi", we hope to see these improvements increase.

To find out more, visit

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