Thursday, June 18, 2009

Village Spotlight: Komalyangoe, Tanzania

Located at the base of the breathtaking Mt. Kilimanjaro, Komalyangoe is an area of great beauty. Yet in recent years, the area has experienced unrelenting poverty and deforestation.

Before Plant With Purpose began working here in 2003, the men in these villages had no jobs and were completely lost, struggling daily to feed their families. Many had turned to alcohol or drug abuse and the younger generation followed suit, perpetuating a vicious cycle of despair.

With unpredictable weather and a rapidly expanding population, farmers today face a daily battle against unavoidable circumstances in their quest to provide for their families. Formerly dependent on coffee production, which has plummeted as international prices have dropped, the families of Komalyangoe are dependent on their small farms for their livelihoods. Plant With Purpose is bringing hope to this desperate region and helping families to invest in a better future. Through life-changing projects like family gardens, the construction of fuel efficient stoves, micro credit, and reforestation efforts, Plant With Purpose is helping rural farmers to discover the tools and resources necessary for escaping poverty. Click here to join us in bringing hope to the people of Komalyangoe.

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