Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gardening Update: Tomato Terror

by Aly Lewis

Responsible gardener-mother that I am trying to be, this morning I went out to water my seedling-children only to find that it was near impossible to find the baby spinach and strawberry plants beneath the threatening jungle the tomato plant has exploded into. I fear I’ve become one of those parents who gives in to a petulant child’s tantrums with such frequency that I have created a monster. Namely, a tomato terror.

So all of you green thumbed gardeners, I need your help. Do I need to stake the bullying tomato? Face it away from the sun? What is the plant equivalent of a time out? Will the neglected spinach greens and strawberry bud ever fully integrate into natural Earthbox life?

Any and all advice (of the gardening variety) is welcome.


  1. Man, I'm jealous! My tomato plants are being sluggish - I can barely tell they're growing! I'm no garden pro, but maybe it's time to get another Earthbox? It sounds like the tomato plants don't play well with others.:)

  2. We all share in the common interest of owning tomato plants. I used a wooden spoon this morning to stake mine from falling over due to three beautiful budding tomatoes

    I have two suggestions.

    1. stop watering it.

    2 keep watering it. make shade grown coffee.

  3. Yes you do have to stake tomato plants! It will keep it healthier too! You should be a proud mama.


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