Monday, May 11, 2009

Scott Sabin added as a main speaker at creation care conference in Georgia

Check out the Flourish Webpage here!
Check out the Flourish Webpage here!
Scott Sabin, the Executive Director at Plant With Purpose has been asked to be a main speaker at the Flourish Conference in Georgia this week! Tomorrow Scott and Doug Satre, Director of Outreach and Development, will be heading to Duluth, Georgia where 150 pastors from around the country will come together for this national creation care conference. The conference will feature influential speakers such as Leroy Barber, Margaret Feinberg and Andy Couch. Plant With Purpose found out about the Flourish Conference through Rusty Pritchard, one of the conference organizers and resource economist. A great advocate of Plant With Purpose, Rusty understands the impact of the community development work that Plant With Purpose does internationally and the importance of restoring people’s relationship with their land as a way to not only improve the environment, but also as a way for subsistence farmers to overcome poverty. Check out one of the articles that Rusty recently wrote about Plant With Purpose . If you and your small group, church, family, or club would like to advocate for Plant With Purpose, contact Plant With Purpose’s outreach coordinator, Corbyn, at

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